Find it.  Shoot it.  Cut it.

a guy who has a passion for stories and moments


Having worked with actors and non-actors for 17+ years, I've gained invaluable experience in getting natural and authentic performances, vulnerability and presence from them.


Capturing those stories and moments started when I was young and we got our first family video camera.  It was analog, heavy and poor quality.  My, how times have changed.



What I tend to do most of and where everything comes together, leaving me with a sense of creative fulfillment like not other.  This is really where the magic happens.

Coming together to create awesome content?  Sign me up!


My favorite part of directing is developing the story to then let if go where it gets refined in the collaborative process.  Allowing everyone to shine through with ideas during pre-production and while it's happening.


Rolling with the punches!


I love it when something unexpected happens during a shoot.  Capturing that honesty in someone's face or a person busying themselves with an activity or prop or even rolling on an unrehearsed take.  Letting it flow as the moment takes its course.


Cut it out!


This is the headquarters of everything done up to this point. Where the content comes together and gets enhanced.  A license to create all over again. The third stage of surprises one could say.


A Teaser - Edited

A Story Wedding - Directed, shot and edited

A Short Documentary - Directed, co-shot and edited

A Birthday Video - Shot and edited


Currently, only a short clip can be screened. Edited

A Behind-The-Scenes Look - Edited

A Cooking Show - Shot and edited

A Corporate Video - Edited

I recently watched a movie in the theater where 4 of the 5 commercials that were shown before the movie were 30-60 second stories.  These micro stories had high production value, multiple cameras, a catchy song and a fresh look.  We've come a long way since the days of holding that detergent bottle or toothpaste tube near the face and looking at the camera.  Times are a changin'.

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