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Rolling with the punches! I love it when something unexpected happens during a shoot. Letting it flow as the moment takes its course.

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Cut it out! Where the content comes together. A license to create all over again.


A Teaser - Edited

A Brand Video - Shot and edited

A Wedding Trailer - Shot and edited

A Birthday Video - Shot and edited

An Event Video - Shot and edited

A Social Media Video - Shot and edited


A Short Film - Edited

A Short Documentary - Directed, co-shot and edited

A Behind-The-Scenes Look - Edited

A Recipe Video - Shot and edited

A Corporate Video - Edited

A Music Show - Shot and edited

I recently watched a movie in the theater where 4 of the 5 commercials that were shown before the movie were 30-60 second stories.  These micro stories had high production value, multiple cameras, a catchy song and a fresh look.  We've come a long way since the days of showcasing a product near the face and looking at the camera.  Times are a changin'.

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